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As homeowners and businesses your trees and shrubs have landscape value and provide multiple real benefits. We specialize in keeping your trees and healthy and beautiful.

Ed is a Plant Pathologist/Entomologist (Virginia Tech, 1976), with 40 years of experience in diagnostic services and science based treatments.

New Location! Rockbridge Baths, Virginia. Now serving Virginia and (Mid-Atlantic States) as well as existing clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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My book, the popular Field Guide, "Evaluation Tree Defects" is now in "Revised Second Edition". Visit this link at my other company Safe Trees, LLC, to learn more.

Plant Health Care

Diagnostics and science based treatments where possible, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) treatments, verticillium wilt, oak wilt and Dutch elm disease, tree fertilization, micro-nutrient deficiencies, growth regulation and more.      Learn More ->

Tree Care

Mature tree care, protection during construction, tree risk assessment for safety and or preservation, structural pruning of young trees and more.      Learn More ->

Current oak wilt status in Minnesota

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